Marilyn's Lounge

Eastside Cannery
5255 Boulder Hwy
Las Vegas, NV 89122
Marilyn's Lounge is the best of the Boulder Highway bars for live entertainment.

Be sure to check our schedule for features with a variety of music – including oldies, country, Latin, pop, tribute artists and many more. When you want to kick back and relax in an intimate atmosphere with enjoyable entertainment, we’ll be waiting for you!
Hours: Fri - Mon 9:00pm - 3:00am; Tue - Thu 9:00pm - 1:00am

Upcoming Events at Marilyn's Lounge

Aug 24 Thu    Tammy Graham Band   8pm - 11pm  
Aug 25 Fri    Front Page   8pm - 11pm  
Aug 26 Sat    Front Page   8pm - 11pm  
Aug 31 Thu    Tammy Graham Band   8pm - 11pm  
Sep 01 Fri    Tresure   8pm - 11pm  
Sep 02 Sat    Tresure   8pm - 11pm  
Sep 07 Thu    Next Movement   8pm - 11pm  
Sep 08 Fri    The Fab   8pm - 11pm  
Sep 09 Sat    The Fab   8pm - 11pm  
Sep 14 Thu    Next Movement   8pm - 11pm  
Sep 15 Fri    Havana Express   8pm - 11pm  
Sep 16 Sat    Havana Express   8pm - 11pm  
Sep 21 Thu    Next Movement   8pm - 11pm  
Sep 22 Fri    Sam Riddle   8pm - 11pm  
Sep 23 Sat    Sam Riddle   8pm - 11pm  
Sep 28 Thu    Next Movement   8pm - 11pm  
Sep 29 Fri    Whiskey Maiden   8pm - 11pm  
Sep 30 Sat    Whiskey Maiden   8pm - 11pm  
Oct 05 Thu    Next Movement   8pm - 11pm  
Oct 06 Fri    Reckless in Vegas   8pm - 11pm  
Oct 07 Sat    Reckless in Vegas   8pm - 11pm  
Oct 12 Thu    Next Movement   8pm - 11pm  
Oct 13 Fri    Royal Purple Rockers   8pm - 11pm  
Oct 14 Sat    Royal Purple Rockers   8pm - 11pm  
Oct 19 Thu    Next Movement   8pm - 11pm  
Oct 20 Fri    West Coast Travelers   8pm - 11pm  
Oct 21 Sat    West Coast Travelers   8pm - 11pm  
Oct 26 Thu    Next Movement   8pm - 11pm  
Oct 27 Fri    In-A-Fect   8pm - 11pm  
Oct 28 Sat    In-A-Fect (After Concert)   9:30pm - 12:30am  
Nov 02 Thu    Tresure   8pm - 11pm  
Nov 03 Fri    Early Clover   8pm - 11pm  
Nov 04 Sat    Early Clover   8pm - 11pm  
Nov 09 Thu    Tresure   8pm - 11pm  
Nov 10 Fri    Kimmie & The Keepsakes   8pm - 11pm  
Nov 11 Sat    Kimmie & The Keepsakes   8pm - 11pm  
Nov 16 Thu    Tresure   8pm - 11pm  
Nov 17 Fri    Blue String Theory   8pm - 11pm  
Nov 18 Sat    Blue String Theory   8pm - 11pm  
Nov 23 Thu    Tresure   8pm - 11pm  
Nov 24 Fri    Next Movement   8pm - 11pm  
Nov 25 Sat    Next Movement   8pm - 11pm  
Nov 30 Thu    Tresure   8pm - 11pm  

Map To Marilyn's Lounge:

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